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Korean Pro Player Reveals His Secret, a New Gamepad Helping Him Edge Out the Competition…

21/09/2021 | Jack Hollister

Summary: More and more games and gamers are moving to mobile, and a new Korean company has come up with a solution to their strict performance requirements and needs. Their new gamepad is already taking the mobile gaming scene by storm and anyone who wants to play at the top level should be using one. Get Your GamePad X Pro now 50% off and with Free Delivery.

Do you play games on your mobile phone, but find the touch controls really awkward? Do you want to be able to play your mobile games like they were any of the mainstream console versions? Maybe you just want to have a secret edge over your slow to adapt opponents?

You’d want to read on the, and discover the secret all those Koreans you’ve been losing to already know.

The mobile gaming scene is growing rapidly. Big names in the gaming industry have either already moved into it or are just about to. With phones becoming more powerful, the mobile gaming scene is set to be the future.

This gamepad is the new innovative answer to the growing demand of better controls for these games, turning previously barely playable games into critical hits, and the players that do use it so much better than their touch controls enemies that it’s not even fair.

What Are We Talking About?

This new piece of Korean ingenuity is called the GamePad X PRO, a direct answer to requests from top Korean gamers for a quality controller for their mobile games.

This awesome new controller allows you to effortlessly play games that would previously be a massive pain with touch controls, making fighting, racing and FPS games actually fun to play again, practically like you were playing them on your trusty console at home.

Super easy to connect via Bluetooth, you’ll have it out of the box and playing in no time, leaving you plenty of time to win against of all those players who haven’t heard about this controller yet.

With so much hype, we just had to try it ourselves!

What Makes GamePad X Pro So Special?

Most of our office team is old and conservative, preferring their PCs and thinking of phones as a joke. A distraction at best. But you and I know better!

Mere minutes after unboxing it we already had it connected to the phone and playing a few rounds of a famous battle royale game. And let me tell you, we were destroying everyone. Even the more elitist members of our crew quickly got hooked on it.

One very stubborn guy insisted on only using it with his PC. Which is fine, the controller connected to his laptop without any issues and he was off playing his racing games in the corner. Alone. Because he refused to join our party.

After a full day of everyone fighting for their turn to play their new favorite mobile games with comfort they never even expected to have, we were finally ready to start actually working and look at what the GamePad X PRO brings to the table, other than heaps of fun:

  • 20 Hours of Active Use – No need to worry about charging it in the middle of the day. The battery can even keep its charge for up to 30 days in case you forgot!
  • Powerful 400 mAh Battery – I can be charged via USB fully within just 1 hour
  • Asymmetric Stick Design – Tested and recommended by professional players to fit any hand size with maximum comfort.
  • Universal Compatibility – Supports android, iOS, PC, smart TVs and even some consoles!
  • GamePad X PRO APP – It allows you to customize the gamepad’s settings just as you like them.
  • Full and Detailed Manual – We really didn’t even need it but it’s there to make sure even your grandma can use this.
  • Tight-Grip Clamp – It ensures any smartphone no matter its size is secure in place, great for the racing gamers who move their body with their virtual car!

The GamePad X PRO APP was remarkably intuitive and allow each of us to tailor the controller to our style and the game we were playing.

Honestly, it really felt like we weren’t playing on our phones anymore, but on some brand-new console! I even took it home with me and just lay on my bed and played it all day as my PC and console started gathering dust.

We can definitely see why the pros in Korea adopted this so quickly. Playing with it puts you miles upon miles ahead of the competition. And even if you’re not into competitive games, it simply makes all other games easier and more fun to play!

Thousands of People Are Already Using The Gamepad X Pro and Really Love It

I’ve been playing every battle royale game there is for my phone and I can’t even begin to tell you how fun it is to destroy these touch screen peasants with my new controller. Literally not in the same league. Get on my level!!!

I bought an old game port for android and oh boy were the controls utterly unplayable. A friend told me about this new gamepad thing for the phone and I have been playing nonstop ever since. I can finally play this amazing game from my childhood on my phone!

My son wanted a console for his birthday but we simply couldn’t afford it. Luckily I stumbled onto this device while looking for a cheaper solution. This gamepad has left him glued to the phone ever since we got it, but at least it gave me some peace and quiet!

How Much Does the GamePad X PRO Cost?

We estimated this contraption to cost no less than 150€, probably more, with branding, advertising and shipping, it would probably go for 200€.

To our surprise, we discovered the regular price of the GamePad X PRO to be 100€! More than worth it considering how it practically turns your phone into a highly powerful portable gaming console.

But it got even better! With its success in Korea, the GamePad X Pro has been launched globally with a special sale, taking it down by 50% to just 49€, and way more importantly, with free shipping included! We expected the shipping alone to almost double the cost and they’re shipping it off for free!

Honestly, the GamePad X PRO has managed to win over even our most adamant skeptics, except the one guy who kept using it with his laptop, which still counts!

With this sale, we can’t do anything but recommend this gamepad to anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of the future of gaming, or just have boatloads of fun on their phone.

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Conclusion: Should I Get It?

Do you want to win? Do you want to have fun? Then what the hell are you waiting for?

The GamePad X PRO practically turns your phone into a gaming console and for a fraction of the price! Not to mention the sweet sweet satisfaction of just feeling better than other people online!


  • Very Portable Gamepad
  • Works with any phone model and other electronic device.
  • Easy to use with any smartphone
  • Plug And Play (No drivers Needed)


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon.


How Do I Get The GamePad X PRO?

It’s very simple, just two simple steps between you and a string of victory royales:

  1. Order the original GamePad X Pro from the official supplier’s website here.
  2. Charge it, pair it and enjoy your favorite online mobile games!

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